Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tummy Time

In between Addy's 9 month and 1 year well-check, I started noticing a bump a little above her belly button. It wasn't going away and almost always was visible. Jared thought it was a hernia and so when we had her one year well check, I showed it to her pediatrician. She thought that it might be a hernia too so we were referred to a Pediatric surgeon. Her doctor also referred us to a Neurosurgeon for her head growth and asked me to go to get blood work down to check for lead levels. It's supposedly a new requirement.

Anyways, lots of added stress leaving that office. We immediately went in to see the Ped surgeon and she took one quick look and said, "Yeah, that's definitely a hernia."

She continued to explain that it looks like there are two, maybe three separate ones and they are epigastric hernias. She explained that what happens is that there aren't enough fibers connecting her muscle in her six pack area and so it's really easy for stuff to just poke through those gaps. She told me that it will keep happening and eventually start to pinch and hurt as she grows older and then when she eventually gets pregnant when having a family of her own in the future, it could be a bigger problem.

She suggested surgery to correct the problem. It would be an outpatient procedure. She would simply make a small incision above her belly button and go in and fuse the fibers in her tummy together and repair the herniated areas. I felt confident in her abilities and the whole concept so I agreed, but still took time to talk it over with Jared and see what he thought.

Meanwhile, we went to see the neurosurgeon and he told me that typically, head growth like hers most likely stays big and then at about 2-3 years old, it levels out and gets more proportionate to the body so it could be nothing. He told me that it wasn't imperative to get an MRI, but suggested it to cover his basis and make sure nothing truly serious was wrong. Since that required sedation, I tried to set it up to happen at the same time as her other surgery.

Everything got set up and we were good to go. The day or two before her surgery, her ped nurse called and informed me that the anesthesiologist said the machine doesn't work with the MRI machine at that hospital so we can either due the surgery and do the MRI some other time or reschedule the both of them for another hospital at least a couple weeks later.

We decided to move forward with the hernia surgery and decided to forgo the MRI since it was more out of convenience and we weren't terribly worried about that part of her medical issues.

The day of the surgery I tried to get a good nights sleep the night before, but totally couldn't sleep as well as I had liked. We had to be up and out and at the hospital at 6 in the morning which meant leaving at like 5:30 and waking up at around 5am. Blah!

When we got to the hospital, I signed in and we waited until our name was called to finalize all of our paperwork. Then, we waited even longer to be called back to the prep area. I just kept walking around with her in the stroller, pacing. When we finally got called back, we were placed in an area with a crib/bed gurney and they took her vitals and put on the bracelets. The nurse agreed that she should stay in her jammies and not the nightgown since she is happy and they wanted her to stay happy. FYI, she was fasting this whole time, since midnight the night before.
The wait was incredibly hard. She started getting antsy which made my job even harder to keep her happy. We looked at pictures, we watched the cartoons, we played in the crib, played some more and took that through cycles. After another hour had passed, I was getting worn out and I listened to the women in the bed with her baby next to us as the anesthesiologist ask her when the baby ate last. She said she had some bottle and cereal about an hour and a half ago. The anesthesiologist responded with the fact that she shouldn't have fed her baby and that they can't do the surgery any more (she had the same doctor and was supposed to go before us).

Needless to say, the woman was ticked off and I heard her talk in a livid manner to her hubby over the phone saying how no one ever told her she wasn't supposed to feed her baby after a certain time and was frustrated that she would have to come back another time to take care of things. Meanwhile, I was sure glad when I heard that because that meant we were next and it would be less waiting.
This is a picture of Addy before she started getting really restless. The lady left with her baby and the next child came in that was behind us. The anethesiologist finally came to us and I happily reported that she hadn't had anything to eat and was ready to go. Then, a little while later, her doctor came and she made marks on her tummy where the hernias were so that she could find them while she laid down for surgery. I then finally got her gown and footies on and the nurse took her away. I waited in the waiting room starting about 8:25 am.

The wait during her actual surgery seemed to go really fast. I talked on the phone with Jared a little to let him know what was going on and then started watching a movie, but didn't get too far into it when the her doctor came and found me. She took me back and explained how things went. She reported that there were 3-4 hernias total that she repaired, but everything went great. She doesn't have a whole lot of swelling like most people have afterwards, but

The recovery nurses were helping her out since she had come too while they came and got me. I tried to hold her cradle style, but all she wanted was to be propped up on my shoulder. That made it a little hard for me to keep her from slouching her head and neck, but it was manageable. She kept falling asleep and then coming too and crying. We tried giving her some watered down apple juice in her bottle, but she didn't really go for that much at all.

While I was rocking in the chair with Addy, the boy behind her surgery came into the recovery room and started waking up and they couldn't get a hold of his parents. It's funny what you hear from nurses while sitting there. They couldn't believe they couldn't find his parents for so long and when they finally got the mom, she was still walking slowly to her son while talking on her cell phone. She even stopped walking to finish the conversation as a nurse was holding and consoling her son who had been awake for a little already. I found that whole scenario kind of odd, but oh well.

They monitored Addy for a little and then gave us a prescription for Tylenol with codeine and discharged us at around 10 am. I went home with her and she slept a whole bunch the whole rest of the day. Having Tylenol to help with pain was a plus for her though.
This is what it looked like afterwards and it has healed up really well. While her doctor was in there, she pinned in her belly button since it was hanging out so much. Her outty I think was even more than mine when I was little. Now, the incision can't even be seen. It looks like its part of her normal belly button. It was a great experience and I'm glad she is better now. We had our final follow up appointment last week and all looks great and there are no more follow-ups needed.


We had a play group last week where Hayden's friends, the triplets, came over to play. While the kids were occupied, their mom and I tried to organize something in my house that I have been wanting to reorganize.

We decided to attack the Dining Room and my hall closet of linens and games. I'm quite proud of how things look now. I'll take a picture and add it to the post. I had my games just all over because I had 3 California King Quilts taking up a huge portion of that closet. We ended up storing them in a vacuum bag in a better place. Also, I finally have a place to put all of the shoes that are left lying around my house. I LOVE having a place where they belong so that the kids can get trained enough to pull out and put away in the same place. I will be so thrilled when we don't have to run around the house frantic before school starts, trying to locate one of two shoes. Yay! I can also see all corners in my Dining Room. Whoo who!

New Structure

I went to the latest roundtable last month and they were supposedly going to cover the new delivery system for Cub Scouts. They started with the monthly theme coming up and then we watched this powerpoint presentation going over the changes made or things that stay the same in all the different resources for scouts.

Essentially, the main thing is that they are planning on focusing the den and pack meetings more on passing off requirements and the 12 core values of scouting. It's supposedly really easy to follow and plan and they take away the old themes completely. We'll see how easy it really is though. I've had a chance to look into it a little better, but not as much as I would like to for starting in September. I guess I just have to wait until this next month's roundtable to get a better grasp of things while getting my packet of info.

Why Is Your Arm Cut Off?

We had a play date at a friend's house the other day and my son finally noticed that my friend had her arm missing from her elbow down, on one side. He bluntly asked, "Why is your arm cut off?"

Freaking out, I had no clue what to say or how to respond to it. My friend noticing I was stumped in how to respond, she quickly told him, "That's how God made me."

I found out that she was born that way and she mentioned that kids around my sons age are the hardest about it because they want an acceptable answer. She told me that one day, she finally made up a story about how she got in a fight with a truck or something and the truck won. The one nephew responded with something along the lines of, "Whoa!!" and never bothered her about it again.

Kids can be really silly.

Pack Meeting Fun

For the second year, we made our July Pack Meeting all about fun. This is the second year we planned having fun with water balloons. We met inside to do some awards from Day Camp, etc. and then went outside to have fun in the parking lots. At first, it was organized games, but then it quickly broke out into an all out water balloon fight with Dads and leaders and kids having a blast! It was loads of fun and definitely an easy event that will be sharpied into the planner each year of Cub Scouting.


So it's been roughly nine years since I first embarked on my college education. The early hopes of one day becoming the next Diane Sawyer were fresh in the brain. I had a back-up plan to become a producer of a church film coming if the first goal didn't pan out very well.

Now, here I am, 27 years old and still not graduated. Sadly, Fall of 2011, my credits will start expiring on me if I don't hustle into some serious action so on that note, I am graduating in July with my Associates of Science!

I am very excited about this idea. I have always wanted some degree showing that my 90 credits previously earned, have not been in vain. I did a bunch of calling to three different institutions, trying to figure out the best route for me in the pursuit to save my credits and I found a winner!

Initially, when I spoke with the school whom I have 90 credits with, they told me I only have 3 courses left before I can get my Associates, but need to take my last 15 credits there as a requirements before graduating. I said, "Ok. I can do that. I'll just take some religion courses and stuff for fun."

After several more phone calls, I finally talked to a supervisor in the advising department and they told me since I have taken 90 credits already, I can file a graduation and petition of residency to be able to graduate without completing my last 15 credits on campus.

My reply to that was, "SWEET!"

So I jumped on that notion and applied immediately. I was already expected to renew my temple recommend at the stake level that next night, so I quickly finagled an ecclesiastical interview with my bishop shortly before my interview with the stake presidency so I could speed up the process.

All was sent in and I had my transcript form another school sent to this one saying I took my Math course requirement and only needed to take my physical science and upper level English classes to graduate in July.

Last week, I got a phone call back after wondering why I couldn't start registering for Fall classes. They said that I was too late in registering for classes for the Fall and had to wait until Winter. Discouraged, I asked if there was any way to still be able to take the classes in the Fall. She reluctantly said that I could reapply as a part-time/non-matriculating student by filling out one extra form and then mid-August, I might be able to squeeze in for the two classes, but if not, Winter will be set.

So there you have it. I am finally going to graduate college with something by July no matter what and then I will promptly transfer the rest of my credits to a local college to complete my original Bachelors one class at a time for the next several years ;0P

I'm way excited about it all and hope that the two classes I will have to take, won't severely beat me up too harshly being a mom with three kids during the bulk of my day.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Father's Day

Not a whole lot went on. We gave Daddy a new water bottle for his work and I had the kids sign a card for him. The kids also made some gifts in Primary to give to him. They had little packets of Pop Rocks that say, "My Pop Rocks!" He also got some yummy fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that looked so good that I was determined to make some of my own eventually. Not a whole lot of whoopla, but it was good none the less. Happy Father's Day Honey!